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Car Keys Made While You Wait

Losing your car keys used to be a devastating event. It used to mean towing your car and losing a day or two of work or school, just to get a new made at your inconvenience. Thankfully this is no longer the case. With Maine Locksmith's easy automotive locksmith services, all we require that you do is pick up the phone and call us. Our locksmiths will come right away and make you a new key for your vehicle usually in under an hour.

And with our seven day availability, we're open and available on the weekends. Less waiting, more doing.

Common calls we receive from customers include losing a key (snow seems to add to this phenomenon), a key breaking in the door or the ignition (again snow seems to be a culprit), or keys being stolen (the worst, right?). Wherever the car is in Southern Maine matter not, since our mobile service comes to the vehicle. Our mobile trucks allow us to make car keys on site, quickly and efficiently. Programming occurs using special computers that will sync your new car keys to your vehicles system.

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For automotive locksmith services, there's only one clear choice. Maine Locksmith has been serving the automotive market for years with superior service and exceedingly great products. Call us at 207-209-4840 and get your car keys done right.

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From being locked out of your car to losing your car keys, our automotive locksmith services are here to help.

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