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When it comes to serving our customers, we pull out all the stops. Not only is it important that we treat our customers with exceeding courtesy and professionally, but the relationships we have with our customers mean you become family when we work with you. With every lock we install, we include a limited warranty to ensure your locks continue to work like the first day they were installed. This longstanding focus on quality and customer service is the reason our customers continue to choose us for professional locksmith services.

For our fellow businesses and residents in South Portland Maine, we continue to make a statement by providing the best locksmith services at reasonable prices.

All over Portland and South Portland Maine, our locksmiths are busy repairing, installing, and keying locks for homes, apartments, hospitals, offices, and commercial buildings. Our seven day service means we're busy working non-stop, all week long. There's no slacking with Me Locksmith, we're always working to make our customers happy.

S. Portland Maine Locksmith: 207-209-4840

In addition to serving South Portland, we also service neighboring cities.

South Portland Maine Alleyway

Serving all of South Portland Maine with emergency, commercial, automotive, and residential locksmith services..

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South Portland Locksmith: 207-209-4840